JFC London September 2020~

Dear JFC Members

We are finally equipped to update you on the future of your club, JFC London.
Thank you for your patience over these few months.

JFC will return to the pitch on Sunday 20 September 2020 >

JFC’s J1-2-3 new lesson time is 10.00–12.00
JFC 456 new lesson time is 10.00–11.00
This is to assist Woodhouse College with Covid-19 measures, and we hope it is suitable to everyone.

We will be advertising our new offer to other children in our community. We welcome your friends now more than ever and we hope you will support your club by inviting them to train with you at JFC London.

Season fees will remain the same as last year for at least the Autumn and Winter seasons.

Registration and Re-registration fees will be reduced to only £30 per family for the remainder of 2020.

Season booking is still online as before, where you will also find our COVID-19 information, and some notes about Member etiquette.

456 Club will be a joint lesson with GeeBee Club, which is focused on the same physical achievements as JFC’s 456 concept.

Soft Space: We will make a special, safe area for parent and youngest child (0–4 yrs) to enjoy. This is not a general waiting area – it is for the JFC parent’s convenience and enjoyment of playtime while waiting for their JFC child.

In line with UK government guidance, and required by our pitch facilitator, JFC will be practising its own Covid-19 precautions during this time. Please see below the full risk assessment that we have submitted to Woodhouse College.

1. All staff will be kept up-to-date with latest government guidance

2. We will register all attendees at the start of each lesson

3. Members’ contact information will be recorded (as per membership)

4. All parents of members are on a mailing list (email and WhatsApp group)

5. No attendance with Coronavirus symptoms, including Coaches and family

6. All attendees are on a register and expected (ie. we always know who is coming)

7. One way entrance/exit system, sign-posted

8. Pitch area will be strictly supervised in regards to who enters

9. Drop-off and pick-up guardians will be requested and encouraged to stay in car

10. We will provide our own signage

11. We will use our own cones to mark pathways and areas

12. We will provide our own first aid kits

13. All staff are uniformed as usual

14. All club equipment (including bibs and balls) will be washed and sanitised between each lesson

15. All attendees will bring their own ball as usual

16. All attendees will bring their own water – no sharing

17. Hand sanitising will be obligatory upon entrance to the pitch and distancing reminded

18. Staff and parents will be requested to visibly and consciously social distance at all times

We will reassess our precautions as we go.