JFC London



Sundays 10.00 – 12.00

Woodhouse College, North Finchley, London N12 9EY
4G astro-turf pitch — clean, soft, secure

Football training for Juniors

Boys & Girls 4 – 11 yrs
All abilities and beginners will be welcomed at JFC


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Email: office@jfc-london.net
SMS: 075 4494 7316

Juniors Football Club

JFC is a football school for all children aged 4–11yrs, offering football training for children of all abilities. We do not participate in a league, our explicit aim is to raise players’ ability and confidence so that they may enter school and league teams.

Testimonials from JFC Parents 💕

“We travel from E17 to JFC in Finchley because the technical coaching is on a different level. Our son has come on so much since he joined, especially technique and creativity, now he’s been scouted to a better club. Elliot’s patience with him is what I’m most grateful for – he’s so encouraging and insightful in a way that normal team managers just don’t have time for. We recommend JFC and Elliot for sure.” — Father of 8 year old

“I really appreciate that my son has been looked after and has been raised in a way that we parents cannot, by the dedicated coaches.” — Father of 11 year old

“He’s not a great contributor to the team, but every time he came home he said he had a great time, and that’s because JFC do not only praise their football skills but they value their effort.” — Mother of 9 year old

“I’m so grateful to JFC who has taught not only the sport, but the pleasure in it too. I would like Coach Elliot and other coaches to continue to take care of our children with the warm-hearts they have.” — Mother of 6 and 13 year olds

“I can see that the coaches are excellent with working and developing the players’ abilities to make them a good player. If a player gets a chance to show his ability at a trial for example, they will be there to support him even if it’s in their own time.” — Father of 8 year old

“My son occasionally finds the lessons in JFC difficult. On the other hand, he has been taking JFC lessons twice a week, so he has gained strength. He enjoys going to the lesson despite of rain, because all coaches create an atmosphere which my son can enjoy. I really appreciate their effort.” — Father of 9 year old

“Elliot and all the coaches are young, energetic and caring people, so they are my son’s ideal example. He has gained strength and enjoys taking lessons twice a week. It made him have a confidence. I believe that my son’s English life is fantastic due to his wonderful team-mates and coaches.” — Mother of 16 year old

“I really appreciate that my son has continued the lesson by the support from the dedicated coaches. The lesson is high quality and well executed, and I feel strongly about the coaches’ ambition towards kids.” — Mother of 10 year old

“It’s been more than 7 years since my son has been going to JFC. It is because of the wonderful coaches and the teammates that are there. The head coach, Elliot, and the coaches are very enthusiastic about their teaching, not only in the techniques, but also team-play. Also, one of the pleasures is chatting to teammates after practice. To have met wonderful coaches and teammates, he will treasure in life.” — Mother of 13 year old

Join J1, J2, J3

JFC groups are formed according to the children’s ability and age. We take each child’s learning, safety and enjoyment into account. Each group is limited by number to 15 players, staffed by a Coach and an Assistant.

Sunday mornings
Woodhouse College N12 9EY
10.00 – 12.00 (120mins)

6–11 yrs

Join 456 Club

We work with the youngest children to develop their balance, coordination, movement, and sense arounds balls and other players. 456 players will learn to use their hands and feet with balls, in a compact, encouraging and supportive environment.

Sunday mornings
Woodhouse College N12 9EY
10.00 – 11.00 (60mins)

4–6 yrs

Plus, events & trips!

JFC Members enjoy memorable times off the pitch too. Pro matches, stadium tours, camping experiences, museum visits (or sleepovers!) and park days bring us together away from the pitch.

Since 1980

Established in 1980, JFC is the original football club for Japanese children in London. JFC has been run by Elliot Paine since 1992, who continues to lead his coaching team and coach with intensity. JFC has never sought to pass time playing football — its coaching aspirations are high and the club is able to instil very good football lessons while being a really fun place for children to enjoy football.

Enjoy our special gallery celebrating 40 years at since1980.jfc-london.net >

Prepare to play

Footwear 👟

Astro-turf footwear suitable for 4G all-weather pitch. No studs, no blades.

Clothing 👕

• Activewear (without pockets ideally)
• Shinguards under long socks
• Waterproof jackets (for rainy days)
• Warm undergarments (for cold weather)

Ball ⚽

JFC Members receive their own (correctly sized) football upon joining. Players need their own ball at every lesson.

Water 💦

Bring plenty of fluids, in named bottles.


We always play outdoors.

JFC is applying Coronavirus precautions as guided by the UK government, football authorities and facility owners. Please maintain a distance on site, keep hands sanitised, and observe and obey our signage at the pitch.

Thank you.

Tryout for free!

First thing, get in touch and come for a FREE tryout. See our environment, meet your Coach, join a full session. Then, register online and start your Season!

First-time registration fee
per child / £30 for a sibling joining together

✨ 2020 OFFER: £30 per family

JFC Season fee (10 lessons)
£107 per child joining J1–3
£90 per child joining 456

Annual re-registration fee
£50 per child / £30 per child joining 456

✨ 2020 OFFER: £30 per family